Digital & HD Flexo Plates

We image digital flexo plates for polythene, label, bag and corrugated printers across East Africa.

We use both Dupont & Flint plates with the latest Flat Top Dot plate technology. These plates combine with Esko’s HD Flexo Pixel+ and our XPS Crystal exposure to delivers a “never before seen” print sharpness & color richness that our clients enjoy.

Additionally all our plates are Kongsberg cut to the exact sleeve size so our clients enjoy fast mounting and no manual mis cutting.

Some Tech Specs:

  • HD Flexo imaging
  • Up to 4400 dpi and 200lpi
  • Max Plate Size: 42 x 60 inch
  • Thicknesses: 1.14, 1.70, 2.54, 2.84, 3.94, 5.00, 6.35mm
  • Auto Trapping & Automation Engine
  • Online artwork submission & approval through Web Center
  • Kongsberg cut to exact sleeve circumference

Analog Flexo Plates

While most of the plates we make are digital, we continue to make analog plates exposed from film colour separations.

We make colour separation films in-house or can work with films provided by our clients.

The films we make are Matt films for optimum vacuum and sharper text edges. We also only charge per square inch ensuring our customers only pay for the size they need.

The Quality Control steps that our analog plates go through are at the same high level as our digital QC procedures ensuring our clients consistent quality, plate after plate.

Primary Analog Users:

  • Bag and sack printers
  • Ideal for Line work printing

Prepress & Artwork

Our studio team spends 90% of their day taking client artworks and preparing them for flexo plate making.

There are many steps and checks and adjustments in this prepress stage to ensure the smooth printing of the job on press.

Their years of experience combined with the latest Esko and Adobe software ensures the plate-ready file will print first time.

Our UK sister company York Repro, provides annual on-site training and remote support for complex artworks

Studio Tasks

  • Prepressing provided artworks
  • Creating a new design from a Clients Brief
  • Rebuilding existing designs from printed samples
  • Converting a design to other pack sizes
  • Reducing the number of print colours

Colour Separations

Our in-house filmmaking allows us to provide an end to end plate solution with no outsourcing and quality control throughout.

This ensures our clients receive timely deliveries job after job, keeping their presses turning and with minimal downtime.

Our colour separation films are Matt Films which allow for optimum vacuum and sharper text edges on print. Additionally, we only charge per square inch ensuring our customers only pay for the size they use.

Mounted Plates

We supply corrugated printers with mylar mounted plates using our AV Logic plate mounter. Having camera mounted plates ready to press mount, allows corrugated printers to achieve immediate color registration, reduce make ready times and wastage and consequently print more jobs per day. A real saving for corrugators.

tesa tapes

Tesa Mounting Tapes

We stock and sell a large variety of Tesa mounting tapes from Tesa of Germany.

These mounting tapes are an essential piece of any quality flexo printing process.

We always stock a variety of hardnesses, widths & thicknesses for multiple applications.

Anilox Cleaning Chemicals

Solvent Processing Chemicals

We supply Nylosolv II Flexo chemicals to printers with in-house plate-making machines.

This chemical improves plate and print quality for the printer.

We also offer waste recycling for the same.

Chemical Recycling

We process all our plates through a solvent chemistry system that we continuously recycle and re-use. In-fact we recycle the chemical waste of our customers and our competitors alike to be as environmentally friendly as possible.