Digital & HD Flexo Plates

Digital & HD Flexo Plates

We image digital flexo plates for polythene, label, bag and corrugated printers across East Africa.

We use a variety of plate brands including Dupont, Flint and Asahi with the latest Flat Top Dot plate technology.

These plates combine with Esko HD Flexo software to delivers a “never before seen” print sharpness that our clients enjoy.

Some Tech Specs:

  • HD Flexo imaging
  • Up to 4400 dpi and 200lpi
  • Max Plate Size: 42 x 60 inch
  • Thicknesses: 1.14mm, 1.70mm, 2.54mm, 2.84mm, 3.94mm, 5.00mm, 6.35mm
  • Auto Trapping
  • Online artwork submission & approval