Print Support

An amazing printed result does not just come from great plates.

Getting the right combination requires a partnership between the press team and the plate makers.

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  • Great Artwork  – image resolution and file construction
  • The Right Aniloxes – line screen, volume and cleanliness
  • Plates – line screen, and Quality Control throughout
  • Inks – density, viscosity and dust free
  • The Press Team – experience and chemical balance

We offer a free “Best Practice Audit” to our clients to assess their in-house methods of storing & cleaning their plates and aniloxes.

We provide technical guidance to all clients on ways to improve their print quality. This often involved establishing STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES for:

  • Plate cleaning and storage
  • Anilox cleaning and storage
  • Artwork archiving
  • Plate usage tracking
  • Ink density controls
  • Customer’s designer training